I hate cats

5 12 2008

I’m not sure why but I’ve hated cats for a long time.  I’m convinced that when evil spirits are cast out of someone that they immediately take up residence inside of the nearest cat.  I think cats are ugly.  I think they are stupid.  I think they all should be eradicated from the face of the earth.  I’m for having a “kitty cat roundup” so that we can find all of the cats in the world and send them to cat hell, better known as your local Chinese restaurant! 

Here are the ways you know that your cat is planning on killing you.  BEWARE.




14 responses

5 12 2008

My feelings exactly. Stupid cats…

Also, Shari is highly allergic to cats. They close up her throat and suffocate her.

I need to add that to the list of “how they try and kill us”!!

5 12 2008

You just might change your mind after you get to know Kung Pow Kitty! 😀

5 12 2008

Hate’um. Hate’um. Hate’um.

6 12 2008

I like cats as long as they stay outside. Get rid of cats and you have overrun of mice. I’ll take the cats over mice anyday.

6 12 2008

Than, I thought you enjoyed kitty cat samiches w ur morning Sbux?

6 12 2008

There’s no accounting for taste!!! poor KP!!!

6 12 2008
Tyler Sullivan

Inspiring Post

8 12 2008

BROTHER! I don’t like them either, but you’re a little overboard aren’t you? LOL!

8 12 2008

lol lol I cant stand cats either. Albert is highly allergic. His throat closes. The other night we saw a cat on the side of the church when we got back from outreaching it was all black and I rebuked it and told Albert it was an evil spirit. Albert was laughing at me. When we drove off it was across the street and we all had a good laugh, except for my animal activist every animal loving daughter that is.. Love it!!!!!!! The Cordovas

9 12 2008
Kathy Bryant

Making fun of my baby! Shame on you! He isn’t a perfect angel, but he is wonderful to cuddle with

9 12 2008
Jana Allard

AMEN! Preach it, brother!! There are people deceived by these evil creatures. You won’t find a cat being a service animal either. Cats are sneaky, stinky, and selfish.

9 12 2008
One Stop

Vote No on Cats. Even the musical CATS was lousy. lol

10 12 2008
Shawnna Buxton

Once again……………laughing hysterically! I think I’ll just come here at the end of a long day and get a good belly laugh going….

13 12 2008

Well somebody has to stick up for them…they are wonderful furry little creatures who kill disgusting things like rodents and cut out the snake population as a result. They are independent, proud, and extremely intelligent. Just look at them as miniature tigers, and you’ll like them a whole lot better….
or not…LOL

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