Year in review

7 01 2009

2008.  Good year, bad year.  Ah, for me it was the former.   I listened to a lot of people who had terrible years this past year but for me 2008 was a great year. 

January-I was officially named as the Assistant Pastor of the GREATEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD.  It has been such an honor to serve and minister to the awesome people of the The Pentecostal Church.  I look forward to many more fruitful and fantastic years.

February-Maybe the most useless months of all months.  I can’t remember anything about this month at all.

March-Played a little golf, worked, went to church, slept, ate, drank, read, etc.

April-My mother turned 50.  I can actually say that because she is not one of those women who have turned 29 for the past 30 years.  I love my mom and amazingly enough she loves me back.  Ha.  We had a great party for her with her two sisters, coincidentally my aunts (I’m not really sure how that works…) , flying into surprise her.  My dad was actually able to keep a secret for almost two months although we never told him when they were going to come into town so that way he couldn’t blow it.  It was a lot of fun.  On the 15th I filed my taxes.  Boring but fruitful a few months later when I got the biggest return I had ever received. 

May-was District Conference this month?  Can’t really remember.  May is always a good month though.  There is a holiday in there somewhere.  Lots of good golfing weather here in Northern California, which is really a misnomer of sorts since there is almost 500 miles of California north of where we live.  This year continued the trend of me absolutely hammering my golfing partner every time that we play.  It’s really starting to get sad.  However, since the bible tells us that we must honor our father and mother so that we can live for a while I won’t tell you who I play golf with.  Also, this gentleman who shall remain un-named, took great pity on me when I was a child and would let me escape to the clubhouse after about two holes for the best cheeseburger, fries and a coke that were to be found in East Texas/Southwest Arkansas.

June-My sister has a birthday during this month.  Sometime toward the end of the month I’m pretty sure.  June is also a good month.  I always have a flashback to what June meant when I was but a wee lad.  In a word, Lufkin.  In more than a word, youthcamp, fun fun fun, and the worst possible water in the United States of America.  This water is so bad that to drink it is to immediately want to regurgitate with suprising force.  There are so many great memories from spending the entire month of June in Lufkin for camps.  I added it up once upon a time with my best friend and we came to the conclusion that we have spent over 1 year of our lives in that dusty East Texas town.  Don’t let my math skills overwhelm you. 

July-Celebrated the birthday of our nation by sleeping in and then listening to my neighborhood turn into Sarajevo circa 1995 (Did you know: The siege of Sarajevo was one of the longest in the history of modern warfare lasting from April 5, 1992 until February 29, 1996?).  You have never seen a fireworks display this intense. 

August-Campmeeting 2008.  Nothing like church and dirt.  I had a great time down in the tent in Santa Maria.  I made a new year’s resolution.  I won’t be wearing my good dress shoes to camp meeting this year.  There is literally no point.

September-This month always makes me want to shout TIMBER as I say it.  You know sepTIMBER.  I know.  So weird.  We went into intense planning mode during the month of sepTIMBER.  I spent many days sifting through papers, permits, rental requests and committee worksheets.  If you are confused this will make sense as you read along.

October-Soul Winners Boot Camp.  This is when I take a break from the rapier like wit I have displayed while writing about the previous months.  Well, maybe.  We had the great privilege of hosting a boot camp this year.  It was a tremendous amount of work and planning but it was worth it all in the end.  I truly believe that it changed our church forever.  Revival is something that is abstract to a lot of churches.  After you experience a boot camp it becomes a reality.  People are incredibly hungry for God.  All you have to do is find them.  To my great delight the revival did not end when boot camp did.  It (revival) is burning even brighter today. 

November- My birthday is on the 5th.  Somehow, some way all of your cards and letters that were overflowing with cash and gift cards failed to make it to me.  Being the gracious and forgiving person that I am, I have decided to extend a one year waiver to you.  Please don’t let it happen again.  Something else happened during this month…..something small and oh yeah.  That whole Presidential election thingy they do every four years.  It was pretty cool to watch history being made the night of Nov. 4th.  We always host Thanksgiving at our house.  We did this year.  It was loud (what??  The Hurst family loud?  Perish the thought.).  It’s always a lot of fun but his year it was made even better because the Cowboys murdered the Seahawks and the looks of chagrin and pain on the faces of my Aunt Teresa and Uncle Scott were priceless.  Haha.  Classic memories.

December- The best month of the year.  The greatest music, even though I am related to the Scrooges of Christmas Music, better known as Nathan Joseph and Danelle Layne.  How can you not like Christmas music?  How in God’s green earth can you not like Christmas music?  Never the less, being the magnanimous human that I am, like we have already discussed, I still bought them a present. 

That’s all folks.  That’s my year in 1000 or so words.

Ps. I also went to TX and saw my family and friends for the first time in 4 years.  It was good to see them all.  Also, I failed to mention that sometime in August Gene, Karla, Cameron and Chad came out to San Francisco.  Fun.  There are also a couple of possible life changing moments that happened that might garner some sort of mention later on down the road.




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12 01 2009

I am not a scrooge!!! But I get sick of Christmas music like 2 weeks after Thanksgiving!!! I can’t listen to a single station without hearing JIngle Bells!! aaaagh!!! Maybe it will change when I have kids. And my BIRTHDAY is June 25th. =)

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