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12 01 2009

1. Pray!  We are in the middle of severe cutbacks here at the old salt mine.  We had our first round on Friday and there are more to come every week.  I think I am ok for now.  I have never gotten a bad review from my bosses and we are understaffed at my position anyway.  But, it’s still sad and a little scary.

2.  There are an amazingly large amount of really stupid songs on the air lately.  I hear some song called “Garment of Praise” this morning and was astounded and the awesomely bad lyrics and theology.  Note to songwriters:  Three words and modulating seven times does not a good sound make. Thank you for discontinuing your assault on my ear drums. 

3. Gotta love winter in California.  Weather today:  Somewhere around 70, light breeze, no clouds.  Lovely. 

4. Great church yesterday.  I love to hear Bro. Ronnie Mullings preach.  He preached quite possibly the greatest message on giving that I have ever heard. 

I hope you all have a great week.  Enjoy the sun, go to the beach, or shovel snow (depending on where you find yourself during the brutal January.  haha).




One response

13 01 2009

Hey Than,
I agree about hearing songs that make no sense spiritually. Complete waste of money, airspace, and time. Not to mention the veiled corruption of the truth. (aka…having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof….) As for the job thing. My advice, just wait on the Lord. He gave you that job, He’ll give you another when the time is needed. (Of course, that’s coming from a guy that left a GREAT job, with retirement, retirement medical, yadda yadda yadda.) But, here I am, 1 1/2yrs later, same job. God gave it before I even moved here. You’ll be alright, even though it’s intimidating not knowing if the Centurion will call your name for the Coliseum, right? Anyways. Yeah, I enjoy the weather we’ve had lately as well. But, I do miss the snow. It’s part of me. I know, “foolishness” in some eyes, but wonderful in mine. Also, that message was great. Bro. Mullings did well.

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