I can’t think of a clever title for this…

23 01 2009

…So here goes.  I have had a massive case of writers block lately.  Yeah, it even happens to the great ones.  Ha.  It may have something to do with the amount that I’ve been preaching lately.  Most of my intelligence, such as it is, has been directed into producing sermons and bible study thoughts.  In addition, we have started a new believers class on Sunday’s and I get to teach that class.  While we wait for our lesson books I have been preparing for those classes as well.  It has been a tremendous amount of fun.  I’m not sure how you juggle all of the things that have to be done and still find time to write on a blog. 

I am finding myself more and more amazed at the Grace that God exhibits toward us.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately and have read many different authors perspectives on God’s amazing grace.  In the reading I have found that there are just no adequate words to describe the grace of God.  It is truly amazing, this gift of grace.  The grace of God is one of my favorite things to preach about, talk about and think about.   Where would I be without the grace of God??  I have no idea, nor do I want to think of where I would find myself.  To be seperated from God, which we all would be if not for his grace, has to be the most terrible thing and feeling in the world.  This is why I can not believe that people would voluntarily distance their self from God and his presence!

I am loving life.  I am loving living life.  That hasn’t always been the case but it is now. 

I don’t have anything funny.  I’m sorry if you came here for humour today.  I’m always ready to post something funny but I haven’t come up with anything lately. 

I hope you are all doing fantastic.




3 responses

24 01 2009
Carla Clark

I did come by your blog today for a laugh. Sooo disappointed!!! Just kidding! No, I really do enjoy reading what your thoughts.

24 01 2009
Carla Clark

Ooops, typo! I really do enjoy reading your thoughts.

26 01 2009

Bro Than, I do come here for a dose of humor, but when you replace it with talking about the grace of God you cant disappoint anyone. I just wanted to say you preached an exceptional message yesterday. It was right on point and just what I needed. Thank you.. God Bless, the Cordovas

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