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26 01 2009

There is a story that has been getting a lot play in the media the last few days.  You may have seen it.  A lady is suing the popular networking sight, FaceBook, because they asked her to take down the pictures she had posted of her breastfeeding her child.  My first thought was, SERIOUSLY?  Why would you ever post these pictures.  I’m sure that inside of your family it’s a beautiful thing but dear God, do we really need to see these things.  Now, all things being equal, I understand her premise for suing.  She says that her pictures are no more provocative then some others posted on the sight.  I agree, but what does it say about our society that we even have to have this debate.  I don’t want or need to see pictures like this.  I also don’t want to see pictures of people in the swim suits, underwear, making out, drunk, or anything else.  Oh yeah, one more thing.  I was having my lunch at Subway the other day and all of the sudden I look to my left and there is a woman breast feeding her child, talking on the phone while the other child was running amok destroying all the napkin holders in sight.  Come on!  Do the things that are private in private.  I’m seriously annoyed at this type of thing and unfortunately it just seems to be getting more and more commonplace. 

Yesterday was a great day of victory at TPC.  I love watching new converts and seeing when the light “clicks” on.  We also had a lot of our bus kids stay over for church and come to the altar.  What a great experience to pray with them and watch the spirit of the Lord come over them!  Every where that I looked yesterday people were receiving blessings, being slain in the spirit and dancing before the Lord.  Awesome, awesome day.

I have been annoyed for a long while with the way that people name their children.  What ever happened to normal names?  Why do parents feel the need to saddle their children with these very unfortunate monikers?  I was reading a list earlier today of some of these travesties.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Girl Names: Tallula Bell, Moxie Crimefighter, Sailor Lee, Calico, Lark Song, Heavenly Hiranna Tiger Lily, Fushcia.

Boy Names: Banjo, Audio Science, Bamboo, Jermajesty, Pilot Inspektor, Messiah Ya’Majesty(hahahahahahahahaha), Indiana August.

Please, please, please!  When you name your child give them something that will stand the test of time and not subject them to massive mockery by the other children name John, Mark, Matthew and Lucy. 

A caveat to this post that will make me sound like a complete hypocrite:  I’ve always been partial to naming a girl Storm.  I know, I know.  Can’t you just imagine little Stormy Hurst!  Ah.  I love it.




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26 01 2009
matthew d

At my work there is this room called the “mother’s room.” It has a huge leather couch, 20″ flat screen t.v. and cafe colored walls. No one uses it, except for me, when i need to check the scores on game day. It is absurd.

My friends and I had a discussion about weird names: “Don’t Put That There, Holmes” won hands down.

26 01 2009

Than, a quick disagreement on the breastfeeding issue. It is not a “private” thing to be embarrassed about. How would you like to eat in a bathroom stall at the mall just because immature men didn’t know what to do with their eyes when you were eating? Breastfeeding in America has sadly gone the way of natural childbirth and both are quickly disappearing. Bottles and C-Sections are wonderful inventions when they are needed but they shouldn’t be the norm and they shouldn’t be given preferential treatment as though they were what was originally intended. As long as breastfeeding is shoved into the back room and considered an embarrassement and a hassle it will never become the norm again. That would be a shame.

Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you.

🙂 Misty

26 01 2009

A family member of mine once worked at a clinic where she encountered a patient named, “Jer’majesty.”

26 01 2009

Uh, oh, Than. The secret is out now.
You are an X-Men fan.

27 01 2009

I agree with Misty!!

27 01 2009

Breastfeed til you turn blue. Praise the Lord its so healthy.. True.. “BLANKETS” ever heard of them? Cover yourself. Thats what receiving blankets were made for. Modesty is Godly.. Just feed your baby and cover yourself already. This really dosent have to be an issue.. Less is more.. Thanks

27 01 2009

1. Matt, that is a crazy name! haha. At least you have a comfy place to check the scores.

2. Ah Misty, how good to hear from you. Of course it is only when you disagree that I do hear from you. I beg to differ of course. It is just plain rude to breast feed a child two feet from my table as I am trying to eat my lunch. If that makes me an immature child, so be it. There are some things that need to be done in private. If Junior gets hungry at the mall, whip out the bottle and not the……

3. Ryan, Dude you live in Louisiana where I’ve heard some of the craziest names of all time.

4. Sis. Tena, it took me a while to get that!

5. Sara, if you agree with Misty you are obviously wrong! Hahaha.

6. Noel, you so eloquently expressed my feelings. All I’m asking for is a little bit of modesty.

27 01 2009

How about Chloe??? That is a cute name. Chloe Addison! I can say, substituting and teaching I have see a lot of crazy names. Try pronouncing 180 names correctly in one day. From students you have never met. That is what substituting at high school is. It’s all a name game.

27 01 2009

No offense if your name is John or Jennifer but come on,of all the cool names out there how boring is that? I think Phoenix and Sailor are great names!! Good thing I talked Nik out of Oz huh? ha ha

27 01 2009

At least you got it, Than. Whew. 🙂

28 01 2009

Cocaina, Marijuana, and Tayshwan are a few names that have come across my caseload. My cousin’s middle name is Obama (!!!!). I’m sick of the names Jaden, Jaylon, Braydon, Caiden, Daden, Laden, Preston, Shandon, Chandon, and any other en and on moniker.

28 01 2009

1. Josh and Candace: I’m sure your daughter is just adorable, however I had a cat named Chloe who was completely given over to Satan.

2. Summer: Oz? As in wizard of? Wow!! I think that Phoenix is adorable however you have named her after one of the hottest places on earth! Why?

3. Tena: Contrary to popular opinion I am not the dullest knife in the drawer.

4. Chandra: I completely agree with you! I love some of the names you come across. Classic!

28 01 2009

Oh, and Stormy Hurst. Yeah, I’ve known several Stormys (Stormies?) and all were meth heads or the biproducts of meth/pot/heroin moms/dads. I think Nathaniela Hurst is fantastic. Nathaniel Hurst IV is a must!!

29 01 2009
Jana Allard

I agree with Noel. Feeding a baby doesn’t have to be assigned to a public toilet seat. Spend the money on some of the fabulous lightweight blankets and cover. There are blankets nowadays that are fashion statements in their own right.

Names? Oh, Lawd! My sister worked for social services in Texas many years ago. They actually started a book where they would write down the weird names they came across. There was a lady named Underdah Traylor. (must have been worse than trailer trash) Of course there was the famous sisters, Ima and Ura Hogg. I, too, have wondered what tree some of these people fell out of when I read the names of their kids. How about Gweynth Paltrow nameing her daughter Apple? Is she a MAC fan or an organic mom?!

29 01 2009
Jana Allard

Oops – meant naming not nameing

4 02 2009

Acouple of things.. first, maybe Summer named Phoenix after one of the hottest places bc she is one hott little girl just like her mother. haha. Secondly, you’re going to name you’re daughter Storm bc she is going to be a mess just like her daddy. lol. I agree with Chandra the only Storm’s I’ve known are addicted to drugs so you might want to rethink that name.

4 02 2009
James Wilder

Hey, Sailor is a cool name. It’s all what the other names are that go with it. Sailor Popeye not sound the same. Stormy… Emily loves that name. Doesn’t go with Stormy Wilder. Sounds like a play on words and not a name. Too clever to me! ha.

Breastfeeding – yes, just modesty please. Blankets. Covers. I’m all for being natural, but this is Western Civilazation and manners are manners.

Funny post.

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