Its been a while, eh?

13 02 2009

Trying to tap into my inner Canadian.  “Come in from oot side.  You’re going to get coold.”  Not bad, eh? 

Now that the foolishness is out of the way….ah, who are we trying to kid here?  It’s all foolishness.  There have been somethings in the news that I haven’t commented on and some thoughts banging around in the old noggin that need to come out.  Let the games begin.

Sully, you’re the man.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I’m way late in saying this but that dude can be my pilot anytime.  I’m going to NYC in a few weeks and I’d prefer him to be the pilot just in case an enormous flock of birds….BIRDS?? comes around my plane.  Since we all now know that a seagull can tear up an engine something fierce, I propose that we have a few gun toting rednecks sit on the wings with shotguns.  All we’ll have to tell them is that they can shoot all the birds their little redneck hearts desire and they’ll be building duck blinds on the end of the wings in no time.  

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.  400 million for STD’s?  No problem!  8 billion to make federal buildings green?  Kermit, come on down.  7 million for fish migration?  Little fishies get to swim to their hearts content!  Come on!  Is there anybody else that realizes that this bill is simply the Democrats pet projects that have been laying around for the last 8 years that they couldn’t get passed.  Sure, I’m all for building up the infrastructure of this country.  Anyone who was on that bridge in Minnesota would agree with me too.  However, stop trying to tell us that you’re trying to stimulate the economy by doing all of this.  Yeah, there are going to be a few jobs created but we all know what this is.  It’s pork at it’s finest!  Anybody who has ever taken an economics class in high school or college knows that the only proven way to stimulate true and lasting growth is to cut taxes permanently.  How long until we start calling our President the Premier?  We couldn’t even join the E.U. because our debt to GDP ratio is so high.  And we call them Socialists?

For most people February is the slowest month of the year.  Not for me.  Whew,we are busy.  Ministry Fair next Wednesday night, revival this Sunday.  Lots of great things happening at TPC.  It is so exciting to see the growth that is happening around here. 

I’m going to New York City in just a few weeks.  Excited.

The no fun police has relented and allowed me access to the blog and FaceBook while still at work so I should be able to post more frequently now.  Work?  HA! 

Just read a fantastic article on about the farce that is Valentines Day.  It’s a must read.   The author is a former minister by the name of Roland Martin.  Check it out when you get a chance.  Guys I must say that we get hammered on V Day. 

I’m annoyed about the inequity of being off for MLK day and not getting off of work for either Washington’s or Lincoln’s birthday.  And no, President’s day is not an acceptable compromise.  That is the day we celebrate all of our Presidents.  Surely Lincoln deserves his own day!?

I used way to many exclamation points during this post and for that I will censor myself. 

Loving the weather today.  Cold, rainy with snow on the mountain peaks.  Beautiful.  We are finally getting some snow in the Sierra’s which will mean a trip to ski soon.  Just gotta find the time.




4 responses

14 02 2009
Jeanetta Orange

Hey Nathaniel, enjoyed your post! Would love to see you all. I visit your mom’s blogspot often and decided tonight I’d ck. yours. Love you guys and would love to see ya’ll.
God’s best to you

16 02 2009
Cheryl S.

So glad the no fun police decided to let you have access to blogging again. I enjoy reading your posts.

17 02 2009

Well thank the Lord we can all laugh again!!! I dont think anyone else can put things quite like you do Bro. Than.. 🙂

17 02 2009


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