Taking a break

10 03 2009

The headline says it all.  I’m taking a break from blogging for a while.  I will blog again in the future but right now I have absolutely no time.  I know, I know.  We make time for the things we love.  Well….I really like blogging but love might be going a bit far.  Right now I seem to be so busy that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.  So to all of you fellow bloggers, sayonara for a bit.  Take care.  Talk to you later.




7 responses

10 03 2009
Carla Clark

I will miss your blogging! Will be looking forward to your return…

10 03 2009

You are missed!!!

11 03 2009

I guess I understand. I will definitely miss you, though! Hurry up and return!

27 03 2009
Jana Allard

Oh, come on now! Show us your multi-task skills! You know we love your witty humor so please don’t leave us forever!

8 04 2009
Josh Tredway

So you’re still on Sabatical, huh?

15 04 2009

Ok, hiatus over. Time to start blogging again. I mean it! 😉

19 05 2009

You almost done, yet?
With your break?
From this blog?
Hurry up!
Please? 🙂

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