Christians Can’t Drink Starbucks….

3 06 2013

In my afternoon wandering I came across an article that was a summary of a sermon from someone named David Barton.  His premise was that since Starbucks actively supports gay marriage we, as Christians, are not allowed to drink Sbux lest .15 or .05 goes to overturning traditional marriage.  Oh man, I’m going to die.  No, literally.  I start off everyday with at least 4 shots of espresso from my neighborhood Sbux.  I generally follow this up with a cup or two of the different blends from the Keurig that is sitting a few steps away from my desk.  So death, I suppose, is imminent.  

Here’s the thing though, I don’t agree with his thesis at all.  Does eating Chick Fil A make me a better Christian?  Does not drinking Starbucks make me anything but irritable?  It seems to me that we make these very sweeping generalizations, loud proclamations, and all along we are forgetting that none of these actions make us believers or “Christians”.  In fact, it could be, that taking these actions, boycotts and other nonsense, push us even further away from the true defining marks of being Christlike.  

I’ll loop back around here in a minute, but let me have a Garrison Keiler moment if you would be so kind.  Here’s a not so complete list of companies you should be avoiding as well as Starbucks if you are intent on distancing yourself from those that have publicly stated their support for same-sex marriage.  You ready?  This is going to hurt you worse than it hurts me….

Starbucks.  Target.  Betty Crocker. Oreo (I just lost quite a few of you).  Levi’s.  Cheerios.  Disney World and Disney Land (wherever will you go on vacation?).  Tide.  Apple.  Microsoft.  Pampers.  Pepsi.  Safeway.  Crest.  Pillsbury.  Macy’s (I’m okay with this one…). Ford.   Walgreens.  

That is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination.  Just a quick web search will bring up almost every large company in America.  So if you don’t want to be a hypocrite and want to stop drinking Starbucks, well, you’re going to need to throw all of these other companies on your boycott list.  Good luck with that.  

I understand, no really, I do understand the initial “outrage”.  As Christian’s we feel like we are being attacked, our values, our beliefs, are under fire and we/they are.  But we were never supposed to look toward the world as validation for our beliefs.  Somewhere we, as Christians, lost what it meant to be followers of Christ.  We have thought that by expressing outrage, marching on Washington DC, ranting on social media, writing letters to our congressmen and women, that we would be able to stem the tide.  But none of that is going to change a single thing.  

There is only one thing, ONE thing, that Jesus said would show the world that we were His.  John 13:35.  How does boycotting Starbucks help this?  How does ranting help this?  

We aren’t called to boycott.  We aren’t shown to be disciples by lifting banners and marching on DC.  You show people that you follow Christ by loving your fellow Christians and extending that love to every other person you come into contact with.  

Can you do this and still believe that sin is sin and that wrong is wrong?  Of course you can.  

You see, the issue here isn’t Starbucks, Target or Ford.  It’s us.  It’s easier to be outraged than it is to pray.  It’s easier to be offended than it is to love.  Yes, our world is desperately wicked and corrupt.  Yes, we absolutely have to be on the precipice of the return of the Lord.  All of those things are true.  But boycotting Starbucks won’t be what gets you into Heaven.  




2 responses

1 07 2013
Ryan Dean

Blog again.

3 07 2017
Brian Daly

Entirely correct! Crossing the street outside of a crosswalk is breaking a law. Taking a flower home from a National Park, going 5 miles over a speed limit. Not cleaning up after your dog, when he needs to go, Forgetting to shut off your sprinkler after watering hours. I believe true Christianity is to give to others. Love, and judge not, lest you be judged. Thanks for the great article!!

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