It’s Me

So I finally decided to tell you a little bit about myself.  My Grandma Hurst is always fond of saying that you should let someone else toot your horn because it sounds so much better, but there’s not really anybody else to tell you about me!

 My name is Nathaniel James Hurst.  I was born 11/05/1981.  The angels sang!!  I currently live (and hope to for a very long time) in the Central Coast/Bay Area of California.  The reason that I mentioned both places is we’re right on the edge of both areas in Hollister, CA.  I’ve lived in the Bay Area for over 4 years now.  It’s very hard to believe.  I was born and raised in Texas and I will always be a Texan!! Hook ’em!  I love California and can’t believe it! (That’s a very long story)

I am a musician at heart.  I’ve played the drums for over 20 years.  I love music and will generally listen to anything that has live drums.  No drum machines for me!!  I’m also a young minister helping my Dad at our church here in Hollister, CA.  The Pentecostal Church is one of the coolest places and group of people that you would ever want to meet!  Drop by and see us sometime if you get a chance!

I am in the financial services industry.  It’s a lot of fun and stress.  I love my job!!  Very cool to have your finger on the pulse of our Nation and World Economy as a daily job.  Sometimes everything is great and at other times….eeeehhhhhhh…….not so much!  Because of the sensitivity of my job I’m not actually allowed to tell what I do or who I do it for!!  Secret agent man, secret agent  ok ok never-mind. 

Hobbies,  hmm let’s see.  I love to snow ski, play golf, football, and any other sport.  Ballroom dancing and curling have always been favorites of mine!! Eh, just kidding! I read constantly.  If you see me you can guarantee that there is a book somewhere close.  I spend most of my free time working at the church.  I also love to travel but I haven’t been able to do that as much as I would like. 

A couple of important things to remember when reading this blog.  I’m a little sarcastic….only a little I promise!  I love to laugh and have fun.  There are very few things in the world that I can’t find something funny in!  I used to get in trouble for laughing at the most inopportune times.  I’ve learned to laugh silently now! 

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come by often and that you leave smiling.  Take care.


2 responses

28 01 2008

I’m so glad I know about you! LOL! You are a very interesting person! Love you, Nathaniel.

Aunt Linda

27 05 2008

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am working with Shizuka New York. Thanks for
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